Recent Startup Funding Rounds in Germany ; Week 31-32

This article is about recent funding rounds in Germany in calendar weeks 30-31, 2023.

Calendars weeks 30-31 in 2023 were an eventful and exciting time, especially in the industry of HealthTech. In these two weeks, some of the most innovative companies funded enough money to create truly revolutionary products. Companies such as Heylogin, Neotaste, and OHB System are working hard to develop results for the industry, and with the influx of capital, they are sure to make their mark.This blog will discuss what was funded in these weeks.


Heylogin from Braunschweig has recently raised a substantial amount of funding. The business provides Cybersecurity & Defense, enabling people to access accounts without passwords by using a special card. This funding round propagates accessibility and security issues to another level, as people no longer need to worry about passwords being compromised. Investors have recognized its potential, as it helps address the vexing issue of forgetting multiple passwords. Moreover, by swiping the card, access to uncontended files is granted. Utilizing Heylogin’s cyber-defense opens up opportunities to securely access sensitive information. This tactical foray of leveraging Heylogin’s technology in the form of a funding round is sure to pay dividends in the long run.


Neotaste, the developer of a restaurant-finding app that provides free marketing services for restaurateurs, closed a Series A funding round with the help of Burda Principal Investments, Christopher Huesmann, Kajetan Uhlig and Niklas Plath. This new capital injection, which is based in Osnabrück, Germany, will be used to grow the organization’s user-base, grow the product and increase the number of restaurants using the platform. Neotaste’s user-friendly platform simplifies the restaurant discovery experience by enabling users to quickly search for and book a restaurant in their area. The platform currently serves thousands of restaurants and aims to facilitate the digital interaction between restaurants and their customers. With the new funding, Neotaste hopes to keep up with the ever-growing demand for online ordering and delivery services.

Dentognostics GmbH

Dentognostics GmbH from Jena recently completed a Seed funding round, securing an undisclosed amount. The business offers medicine and dentistry with innovative and powerful systems for diagnostics, and therapy in the HealthTech industry. The funding was provided by Dental Innovation Alliance and Dental365. The funds from the funding round will be used to accelerate Dentognostics’ growth, helping them provide even more resources and research to the medical community. The infusion of cash proves that there is confidence in the HealthTech sector and that Dentognostics is seen as a leader in its industry. With the support of Dental Innovation Alliance and Dental365, Dentognostics is positioned to make a great impact in the medical community.


Deepset from Berlin recently announced an impressive funding round. The business, which specializes in AI/ML/Big Data, raised 30 million dollars in a Series B funding round from investors Balderton Capital, Google Ventures, Harpoon, Lunar Ventures, and System.One. The business offers next-level semantic search for enterprises fueled by latest NLP and open-source offering. Deepset, a rapidly developing AI technology company, provides comprehensive solutions for businesses to analyse and parse natural language data. This valuable new funding will help the company continue to grow and expand its offerings within the industry.


Last week was an exciting one for German business as Sewts from Garching Bei MĂĽnchen successfully raised 7 million euros in a Series A funding round. The business focusses on the fields of AI/ML/Big Data, developing SaaS, Robotic and Machine Learning technologies. They raised the investment from a variety of investors, including APEX Ventures, Bayern Kapital, CNB Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, EquityPitcher Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds and Nabtesco Technology Ventures. This successful funding round is a milestone for Sewts and for the German business landscape as a whole, signalling strong potential and an ever-growing industry.


The business industry of Stuttgart-based Sereact recently got a significant boost thanks to an influx of 5 million dollars in a seed funding round. The investors included prominent angel investors such as Air Street Capital, Alexander Diehl and Oliver Cameron, as well as venture capital companies such as Point Nine and Daniel Gurdan. Sereact, which focuses on AI/ML/Big Data, will use these funds to bring to market new advanced technologies for intelligent robots. This round of financing is an important step in helping to further develop innovation in AI/ML/Big Data, and will be a major contribution to the ever-changing robotic technology industry. With the help of this significant funding round, Sereact can now create groundbreaking solutions for robotics and has established itself as a highly competitive tech firm.

OHB System AG

OHB System AG, one of the top 3 space systems companies in Europe, recently announced it had raised an undisclosed sum from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in a Post-IPO funding round. OHB System AG is a company that specializes in communication software and draws on the innovations from its two subsidiaries, Stationary and Non-Stationary Payloads & Space Infrastructure. The team at OHB are constantly striving to provide the latest and greatest technologies to their clients, making sure to stay ahead in the ever-evolving space industry. Their recent investment from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts aims to help them achieve their goal of ensuring maximum performance in mission-critical situations. With a large untapped potential, OHB is looking forward to further expansion in 2020 and beyond.

Rocket Factory Augsburg

Recent news in Germany shows that Rocket Factory Augsburg, an aerospace company providing fast and flexible launch solutions for satellite constellations, has just announced their successful seed funding round. The investors involved in this round were Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, who successfully raised a total of 30 million euros. RFA is a business that is continuously growing, having currently grossed over 200 million euros since their founding. They are committed to providing launch solutions for satellite deployments across the world, and this latest funding round is evidence of the potential of space technology becoming a thing of the present rather than of the future. The huge investment gathered shows that the horizon of the space industry looks bright, and that the investments made in this business will no doubt bear fruit in the future.


Leadvolution from Hamburg had a successful Corporate Round funding round last month that was led by Vogel Communications Group. The AdTech & MarTech business specializes in providing marketing, B2B, social media, and lead generation services. Leadvolution was able to secure a considerable sum in this funding round, allowing the already successful firm to further scale and expand their operations. This round of funding indicates continued strength in the German market, and possibly serves as a sign of an increasingly healthy international funding environment. With more resources at their disposal, Leadvolution can now focus on pushing their boundaries of innovation and further establishing themselves in the marketplace.


Calendar weeks 30-31 in 2023 were monumental weeks for the HealthTech industry, especially with companies like Heylogin, Neotaste, and OHB System all getting funding for their projects. With this influx of money, these companies are sure to develop incredible new products in the upcoming months that will revolutionize how people think about and interact with the industry. It is unclear exactly what products to expect, but one thing is sure: whatever they create is sure to be game-changing for HealthTech.

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