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Top 12 Berlin VCs ; The Startup Capital of Europe

Sebastian Janus
Your Startup/Fundraising Expert
Sebastian Janus
Your Startup/Fundraising Expert

This article is an introduction to the top venture capitalists in Berlin, Germany, discussing their success.

Berlin is the startup capital of Europe, and world-class venture capital (VC) funds are a cornerstone of the city's flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Berlin VCs have an impressive track record of successfully investing in new companies and helping them to achieve long-term growth and success. For entrepreneurs looking to find the perfect VC to fund their next project, the challenge can be in knowing where to look. That’s why we’ve gathered together a comprehensive list of some of the best Berlin VCs to help you on your journey.

Point Nine Capital

One of the most established and respected Berlin VCs, Point Nine Capital was founded in 2011 and has since invested in over 75 companies worldwide. Their mission is to build lasting and valuable relationships with founders, so they are able to accompany them and their companies through every stage. This strategy has seen them invest in a range of successful companies spanning the SaaS, cross-platform, app and analytics space.


EBANx is a Latin America-focused VC, with offices in Brazil and Germany. With a firm mission to foster financial inclusion and the e-economy across the continent, they have been at the vanguard of the Latin America startup scene since 2014. Their portfolio spans FinTech, retail, hospitality, entertainment, travel and payments, with investments in over 200 companies, including, Via Varejo, Ace, Guiabolso and Conta Azul.

Earlybird Digital East

One of Europe’s leading venture capital investors, Earlybird Digital East bring decades of investment experience to their ambitious mission of accelerating the growth of digital businesses in the German-speaking region, with Berlin central to their efforts. Established in 1997, by passionate entrepreneurs for passionate entrepreneurs, EDEL invests in early stage and growth-stage businesses in the digital health, SaaS, e-commerce, EdTech and FinTech fields, amongst others.

Heartcore Capital

Heartcore Capital may be a relative newcomer to the Germany VC scene, but they have already helmed a dramatic growth in the industry. Founded in 2017, the fund is renowned for its focus on marketplaces and SaaS, investing in companies at the intersection of technology and lifestyle. So far, they have made investments in over 100 companies across Europe.

Holzbrinck Ventures

As one of the oldest Berlin VCs, Holzbrinck Ventures have a long sustained history of successful investments in digital companies since their inception in 1999. Their long-term approach to investing has seen them back up some of the most exciting digital entrepreneurs in the Berlin startup space, investing in over 100 companies and ranging from early-stage to middle-market.


For those looking to make an impact in renewables, mobility, construction and sustainability, Alloy is the perfect Berlin VC. Established in 2010, Alloy understand the importance of persevering through challenging times to realize new possibilities for the future. Working together, the alloy team is focused on finding innovative, sustainable projects to invest in and expanding technological boundaries.

Project A Ventures

Founded in 2012, Project A Ventures is one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, with investments in over 115 companies in 30 countries. Working with entrepreneurs at every stage of the journey, from concept to exit, the Project A team are greatly knowledgeable in the technology and digital sector, combining their wealth of experience with an agile approach to investments.

Kima Ventures

For those looking to make a tangible impact on both the world and their business, Kima Ventures’ mission resonates strongly. Founded in 2010, the fund is focused on recognizing the potential of compelling UX, design and technology-driven companies worldwide. Kima Ventures provide companies throughout the entire lifecycle of their venture, from seed-funding to portfolio management, with their expansive list of respected investments in e-commerce, retail, mobile and gaming.


Since 2014 Coparion have been investing in early stage companies, with some of their most notable investments in FinTech, health and deep-tech sectors. The Coparion team are passionate about their work and share the innovative vision of entrepreneurs, demonstrating why their portfolio is filled with some of the biggest names in the Berlin startup scene.

LOOP Ventures

LOOP Ventures is a Berlin-based venture capital fund focussed on data-driven best business practices and on empowering top-class entrepreneurs in their drive to disrupt existing markets. Founded in 2019, their mission is to build a diverse portfolio of investments with a long-term vision, backed up by data-driven methods of investing.

Check24 Ventures

Check24 Ventures is led by the FinTech startup Check24, founded in 2013. As one of Europe’s leading FinTechs, Check24 Ventures have established themselves as an innovator in the marketplace, with investments spanning across sectors such as commerce, banking, mobility and insurance. With their impressive portfolio, it’s no surprise Check24 Ventures are one of the premier VCs in Berlin.

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH offer a fully integrated service that pairs private capital investments with the broader ecosystem to provide the most ambitious entrepreneurs with the best resources available. Established in 2000, they have a track record of successful investments and partnerships in marketplaces, e-commerce, mobile and fin-tech, amongst others, always pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world for tech startups and entrepreneurs, and the venture capital scene is integral to accelerating their success. There are many VCs in the city to choose from, and the selection listed above are some of the best Berlin VCs when it comes to innovation and strategic investments. Whether you’re looking for investment in an e-commerce, SaaS, fintech, EdTech or health tech project, these Berlin VCs have the expertise, resources and track record to help you realize your vision.

Whatever stage your business is in and whatever your goals are, finding the right VC fund is essential to success. Now that you know more about the best Berlin VCs, you can be more certain of finding the perfect fit for your journey.

Sebastian Janus
Dein Startup/Fundraising Experte
Sebastian Janus, "derStartupCFO", ist ein dynamischer Unternehmer mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung, der zwei erfolgreiche Firmenverkäufe geleitet hat. Zusätzlich hat er erfolgreich 90 Millionen Euro für verschiedene Startups aufgebracht. Sebastians Ziel ist es, eine All-in-One-Plattform für Gründer zu schaffen, die umfassende Unterstützung und Dienstleistungen bietet, die sie benötigen.
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