One Stop Event Management Software (Event SaaS) EventXtra is a platform that helps event organizers to deliver events seamlessly by providing them with both software and hardware solutions. Based in Hong Kong, the company won 2012 - Best Social App award, and it has clients such as Apple, Yahoo, Alibaba, TEDx and WebSummit. Using this pitch deck, EventXtra raised $1.15M from Innoangel Fund and 500 Startups in 2017.


In-depth Exploration of EventXtra and its Seed Funding Success

About EventXtra

EventXtra is a renowned startup hailing from Hong Kong that offers an all-inclusive platform for event management to organizers. The company's innovative software and hardware solutions have been designed to enable seamless execution of any kind of event - be it in-person, virtual or hybrid. With an impressive client base including names like Apple, Yahoo, Alibaba, TEDx, and WebSummit, EventXtra is a recognised name in the event management industry.

About EventXtra's PitchDeck

In 2017, EventXtra pitched its comprehensive event management solution to Innoangel Fund and 500 Startups, persuading them to invest $1.15M in their Seed funding round. The pitch deck played a crucial role by effectively showcasing how their software provides hassle-free check-in, promotes virtual networking, and equips organizers with the ability to host events from any location in Asia, including Mainland China.

Why Investors believed in EventXtra?

Investors' trust in EventXtra was founded on their commitment to efficient service delivery and exceptional customer satisfaction. The pitch deck established their groundbreaking concept that responds to the demand for virtual and hybrid event solutions. Combining these elements with the demonstrated success and potential scalability of their services, investors saw the promise in EventXtra, identifying it as a potential leader in the event management software market.

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