Startup Stage - Fintech - Presentation by Heiko Rahlfs, MD & COO of Figo at the NOAH Conference Berlin 2017, Tempodrom on the 22nd of June 2017.


Unraveling Figo's Series B Funding Journey through Their Compelling Pitch Deck

About Figo

Figo is a German fintech startup making strides in the finance tech landscape. Led by dynamic leader Heiko Rahlfs, who serves as the MD & COO, Figo is renowned for developing innovative solutions tailored for people and businesses. Figo has successfully secured $19.0 million in funding, leveraging its leadership and breakthrough services to emerge as a distinct entity in the fintech industry.

About Figo's Pitch Deck

Figo's Series B pitch deck came into the limelight during the acclaimed NOAH Conference Berlin 2017. The pitch deck encapsulates Figo's phase as a mature startup ready to embark on an exponential growth path. Primarily, the pitch deck is a window into Figo's vision, robust market traction, and the promising returns targeted for investors in their Series B funding round. It's professional demeanor and concise exposition signify Figo's resilience and competitiveness in the fintech market.

Why did investors believe in Figo?

Investors recognized Figo's potential through its unique vision, remarkable market traction, and its promising trajectory of growth, as outlined vividly in its pitch deck. Moreover, the consolidation of an impressive $19.0 million funding exhibited Figo's capability to generate significant interest among investors. Figo's representation at a reputable platform like the NOAH Conference amplified its market credibility, further instilling investor confidence. Through its Series B pitch deck, Figo reinforced its ambition, its readiness for the next leap, and the anticipated returns for investors, compelling them to invest in their promising venture.

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