GWA Hygiene

De:Hub Startup Session: Company presentation by Tobias Gebhardt, GWA Hygiene at the NOAH Conference Berlin 2019, 13-14 June, STATION.


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## Mastering Hygiene Standards: Exploring GWA Hygiene’s Ground-breaking Approach through their Insightful Pitch Deck

About GWA Hygiene

### GWA Hygiene: A Revolution in Hospital Hygiene Standards

GWA Hygiene is at the forefront of enhancing healthcare standards by focusing on vital hygiene practices. The start-up aims at upgrading the healthcare sector through its innovative product, NosoEx. It is an advanced digital assistant explicitly designed for hospital hygiene. It uses sensor technology to gather specific data on hand hygiene. NosoEx integrates effortlessly into existing infrastructure, contributing significantly to reducing infections linked with healthcare, ensuring patient safety, and achieving notable cost savings.

About GWA Hygiene's PitchDeck

### GWA Hygiene's Pitch Deck: A Glimpse into the Future of Hospital Hygiene

The pitch deck of GWA Hygiene, which raised a successful round of $2.8 million in 2019, offers insight into the company's vision. More importantly, it highlights the characteristics and benefits of NosoEx. This pitch deck garners attention because it illustrates not only the product’s potential in reshaping hygiene standards throughout the healthcare industry but demonstrates the future of hospital hygiene rovoducts.

Why investors believed in GWA Hygiene?

### Betting on GWA Hygiene: Why Investors Trusted Their Vision

Investors were captivated by GWA Hygiene due to the unique selling points of NosoEx, the significant role it plays in improving hand hygiene practices, and the potential cost savings it offers for healthcare institutions. By providing data-driven feedback and detailed hygiene metrics, NosoEx assists healthcare professionals in implementing better hygiene protocols. Additionally, their mission of reducing healthcare-associated infections and enhancing patient safety also played a crucial role in gaining investor trust. The groundbreaking approach of GWA Hygiene aimed at solving real-world problems in the healthcare industry has been fundamental in winning over their confidence.

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